Edison Awarded Vandoorn cd finally presented to Egberto Gismonti


Date: october 2007

In 2000 we received the Edison Jazz Award for our cd Love is A Golden Glue. A cd with standards and some original material we recorded with trumpetplayer Eric Vloeimans. One of the pieces on the cd is Caf� by Egberto Gismonti.
After several years of trying to send him the cd we finally had a chance to U-Boat replica watches meet him while he was hear for a wonderful project with the Metropole Orchestra.
Egberto Gismont has been a very big influence on our music. We started listening to his music when we were started playing music together beginning of the eighties and he has been in our ears eversince.
Egberto send us a mail after his return to Brasil.
"I like all your albums, I like your Caf�..........I like and I feel understand a bit about your music direction. Interesting, open and experimental. Good, congratulations."

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