Van Vugt Pavone Sarin Van Kemenade: Marc van Vugt's Bizar Habit revisited


Date: februari 2009

Februari 21 2009. SJU Jazzpodium, Varkenmarkt 2 Utrecht. Concert starts 21.00 hrs. Februari 22 2009. BIMhuis icw the VPRO radio, Piet Heinkade 3 Amsterdam. Concert starts 20.30hrs.

Invited by the SJU Jazzpodium Utrecht (the Netherlands, the jazzquartet Marc van Vugt's Bizar Habit will rise again. This time bandleader/guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt and alto Paul van Kemenade will be joined by a very special, New York, rhythm section: Mario Pavone (bass) and Michael Sarin (drums).

Marc got to know Pavone and Sarin as the virtuoso and creative rhythm section of the legendary altosax player Thomas Chapin with whom he collaborated from 1996 till 1998.

Together with Paul van Kemenade, with whom he plays since 1993, they will dismember new music by van Vugt and above all improvise a lot!!

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