Welcome to our website! A Short Introduction


Date: march 2014

We are jazz singer/pianist Ineke van Doorn and composer/guitarist Marc van Vugt. Letís introduce ourselves with some keywords:
- MUSIC Our music is best described as a mixture of lyrical, voice orientated original jazz songs and adventurous, sound orientated improvisations. Add to that the symphonic jazz sounds of Marc's large ensemble works!
- CREDITS Some of our credits are a Dutch Grammy, international tours and the release of 10 CDís.
- Collaborations We did important collaborations with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Het Nederlands Kamerkoor (the Dutch Chamber Choir), and created an improvised opera.
- Musical Chameleons As real musical chameleons we perform our original music with our small jazz ensemble Van Vugt/Vandoorn, with Big Bizar Habit: an 11-piece chamber jazz ensemble, and in solo and duo concerts.
- Educators Besides that we are both highly experienced educators. Inekeís 400 page book on singing was released in 2009.


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