In Circles, choreographer and performer Cecilia Moisio and singer Ineke Vandoorn are literally imprisoned in a large circular space. It offers a safe place for play, innocence and exploration but the boundary also leads to vulnerability. How do we deal with criticism? Are we autonomous individuals or just echoes of the opinions of others?

"Cecilia Moisio, dancer and choreographer, and jazz-singer Ineke Vandoorn where displaying power and guts. In the dome of the Bonnefantenmuseum, ….., they engage, both moving and singing, in a mocking, physically more and more intense dialogue about being an artist and its up and downs. Because of the blaring acoustics their words (that are sometimes our secret thoughts) sometimes are a prayer. ‘I love your show! Boring… Is this dance?’

Volkskrant, after the Open Studio at the Dutch Dance Days (de Nederlandse Dansdagen) 2016.

Cecilia Moisio won the Maastricht Dutch Dance Prize in 2014. She goes in search in her work for the place where poetry and reality meet each other. Her work is raw and brutal and its energetic and powerful moves demand everything of her dancers.


Movement, voice and performance: Cecilia Moisio, Ineke Vandoorn
Dramaturgy and coaching: Vincent Wijlhuizen
Production: Hit Me Productions, Diana Roos, Hedi D. Legerstee
Photography: Alex de Groot, Jochem Jurgens

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