My book on singing

Some time ago I started to write down some practical information which I thought to be useful for other singers and singing students. After a while the whole project became more serious, and to be short: In september 2009 a real book has been published! 400 pages of information about singing, studying, performing. You can read more about it at


As a teacher and as a musician I find 'inspiration' of utmost importance.

- Inspiration to search for a personal style and thus becoming a musical personality of ones own.
- Inspiration to keep on investigating and exploring ones expressive and technical abilities.

In this search the matter of 'style' is not so important. More important is to strive for (also technical) freedom and an open mind towards fellow musicians, different musical styles and different opinions.

And..... in order to be able to be an inspiring teacher I suppose that my first responsibility is to be inspired myself!

In the future I would like to write some more on the subject of teaching. I've been doing it for more then 20 years and I feel that there is a lot to tell about it. Compared to the classical field, teaching jazz and pop singing is still a rather unexplored field. Those who read Dutch could start reading some of the articles I wrote!


2011- till present January 2011 collegue Jolande Geven and I started Nascholing Zangdocenten: post-graduate courses for singing teachers. Subjects taught (e.g.): Improvisation as a teaching tool, Working towards a personal interpretation with students of all levels, Teaching breathing and much more. For more info (in Dutch) go to

1997-present Singing teacher at the Artez School for the Arts, Arnhem. Teaching main courses in singing, singing methods (beginners and advanced), fysiology, improvisation classes for singers, Tilt- lessons (see below).

1993-2009 Singing teacher at the Artez School for the Arts, Arnhem. Grouplessons for duo's, vocal improvisation ensemble, development of 2 year curriculum 'Tilt': a combination of theoretical and practical skills with the emphasis on harmonic improvisation.

1985 -2000 Singing teacher at de Lindenberg te Nijmegen. Private lessons, group lessons and ensembles (vocal and instrumental ) in jazz, improvised and pop music. Curriculum development for workshops, vocal ensemble and basic courses for grouplessons in singing.

In 2012 I was a guest teacher at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul (MN) and at the Ganada High School (AZ, USA). During international tours I taught masterclasses on singing in Tokyo, Japan and in Toronto (CAN). With my group I conducted workshops at the International Jazz Festival Vancouver, and in Djakarta, Indonesia.
In the Netherlands I taught masterclasses for the Dutch Voice Teachers Association on working with groups, and taught masterclasses at the Schools of Music in Groningen (lyric writing), Hilversum (improvisation), Rotterdam (interpretation), The Hague (duo/trio-playing with Andy Sheppard), Zwolle, Arnhem (duoplaying), Enschede (stage presentation and ‘Interpretation and intensity’).

Since 1988 more or less 300 workshops at different levels, for amateurs and professionals, and with different subjects like singing technics, improvisation and expression.

From 1998 till 2002 an annual course ‘zen and voice’ at the International Zencentrum Noorder Poort.

Pictures 2,3, and 4 by Ivo Voragen voor Nascholing Zangdocenten

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