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We had a great tour!

Yes this tour was big, it is actually the biggest one we ever did! More than 24 concerts, masterclasses, workshops in 9 cities, 6 different line-ups, 4 rehearsals, 21.000km. We would like to thank all the great musicians and friends that we met and that were part of this trip.

This tour is realized with the kind support of the Performing Arts Fund NL,swiss replica watches the Embassy and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

TOUR WEEK FOUR - Thursday dec 1 and Friday dec 2

These were the last two days of our tour! Dec 1st is Ineke's birthday and we went to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC to celebrate it. We had visited the museum before and were very much looking forward to go there again as they specialize in First Nations culture.

In the evening we played at Vancouver's main jazzclub called Frankies. It was a special evening because many of the people that we know in Vancouver came to the show, turning the evening into a real party with cake and even a candle. Playing with Andre and Jesse was an adventure and we got a good response from the audience.

And then our very last trip on Friday dec 2. This time we had to take the ferry to Vancouver Island for a concert at Hermann's in Victoria. What a trip! The club happened to be a very classic one, with instruments and signed pictures at the walls and velvet curtains. But, as a modern detail, they had a webcam at the piano keys so that the audience could see everything Ineke was playing. After the very festive evening we had in Vancouver, this concert was a quieter one. But very special because it was our very last one!

TOUR WEEK FOUR - Mon/Tues/Wed nov 28, 29 and 30

The great singer Kate Hammett-Vaughan organized a vocal master class in her home and Ineke got to listen to a lot of singers again. These were partly amateur singers, partly students from Capilano University and partly professional singers. We had a lot of fun. It was nice to teach in such a homy environment where everyone could feel at ease.

The next day, Tuesday, brought us to Lions Bay, a small town right at the steep coast in the rainforest north of Vancouver. We were going to play a house concert, and we ended up in a nice home with a beautiful grand piano, a Christmas tree and a small crowd. As it is a Canadian habit to take your shoes off at the door, this must be the first concert that we have ever played in our socks.


We woke up, still in Lions Bay, and enjoyed the great view and the rainforest in the fog.

Then we took off for Capilano University in Vancouver where Marc and I taught a master class to a crowd of interested, enthousiastic and intelligent students. They had many questions about the way we play together, about Ineke's gear and the way she uses it, and about our composing process. Very satisfying! In the afternoon there was some time to rest before going back to the University for a rehearsal with our Vancouver rhythm section Andre Lachance (drums) and Jesse Cahill (drums).

TOUR WEEK THREE - Fri/Sat/Sun nov 25, 26 and 27

Friday 25th we had another day of driving (to Saskatoon), resting and rehearsing for our Saturday concert. Before the concert Ineke taught a vocal workshop to a nice group of singers. They came from all directions and were open to try some new things and some improvisation. That evening we played in the Bassment with our third Canadian rhythm section: Gent Laird (bass) and Arlan Kopp (drums). The audience was (again!) really great, the sound was fantastic and we enjoyed playing together. It is very interesting to play our music with different rhythms sections that all play our songs differently.

On Sunday we first found a great place for having breakfast before flying out west to Vancouver where it rained!

TOUR WEEK FOUR - Wednesday nov 23 and Thursday nov 24

We drove from Rosetown to Medicine Hat, a four hour drive over the prairie. We woke up in a frosted world that was completely silent and empty. The views were breathtaking, the light and colors changing every minute. A trip I will probably never forget.

The Ye Olde Jar Bar happened to be one of the most memorable places that we have ever played. On the pictures the club looks like an old bar on the prairie, but in fact it is the garage of Piet and Ina, a lovely (Dutch!) couple that organizes house concerts. Their reception was extremely warm and welcoming. We had some tough concurrence from a Brian Adams concert in town, but nevertheless quite some people showed up. And guess what; they also brought food. What a great tradition that is!

After a pancake breakfast we again drove over the prairie, back from Alberta to Regina -Saskatchewan, losing the one hour that we gained the day before. We saw endless trains and vast salt fields. The concert in Regina was all good: the technician, the piano, the staff, the food. The only thing was that most of the audience had something else to do that night!

TOUR WEEK THREE - Monday nov 21 and Tuesday nov 22

One day for catching up on emails, booking accommodation and a thousand other things! In the evening we attended a rehearsal of the Element Choir, conducted by Christine Duncan. This choir only does free improvisation, guided by Christine who uses a system of gestures and cues. This evening she guided the choir through the gestures as a warming up for an upcoming concert. I was really glad to get a chance to see how Christine works and how great and inspiring she is as a leader.

On Tuesday we had to say goodbye to Toronto. We hope to be back soon as we had such a great experience there and we met so many nice and inspiring people. Next stop: Saskatoon! First pit stop: amp rental!

TOUR WEEK TWO - Fri/Sat/Sun nov18, 19 and 20

Carleton University invited us for a 2 hour masterclass which took place in their big theatre. We played a couple of our pieces and introduced ourselves. Carleton offers a wide variety of musical programs (jazz, pop, folk, singer-songwriter and more) and this resulted in all sorts of questions, nice! At the end of the class we worked with a lovely duo Kelsey Hayes - voice and Jacob Clarke - guitar. They did a great job with our suggestion to go beyond the traditional role of singer/accompanist and play with different musical functions: melody/harmony/ soloist/counterpoint.

After the master class we had to hurry back for our sound check at the Mercury Lounge. Although this club is maybe more focused on dance music than on jazz, playing with Michel Delage and Dave Schroeder went well, the people in the club were lovely and so was the audience.

Saturday: A day off! After a real Canadian breakfast we ran into a Santa Claus Parade with waving kids on cars, freezing under their blankets, drum bands, rescue dogs and much more. We kept walking to keep ourselves warm and saw quite a bit of the city that is filled with impressive government buildings along the Ottawa river.

On Sunday we drove back to Toronto through a mild winter snow storm. It made the drive extra special!

TOUR WEEK TWO - Wednesday nov 16 and Thursday nov 17

Wednesday was the last day that Ineke was teaching vocal students at the University of Toronto. Again it was fun working with the bachelor and master students that came with many interesting questions and nice compositions. At night we had a goodbye dinner with our Canadian friends Michael and Cedalia and their guest Ilaria. Cedalia is a painter and she had a show at Grano's restaurant that we admired!

The next day we had to leave for Ottawa. We were quite lucky and again it was a sunny day (number 11 in a row!). So we had a nice drive through the countryside where we saw the trees dropping their last leaves in the many lakes.

In the beginning of the evening we had a rehearsal with our Ottawa rhythm section Michel Delage (drums) and Dave Schroeder (bass). Dave was gracefully subbing for John Geggie who happened to be ill. Quite a job, because he only got the parts one hour before the rehearsal! TOUR WEEK TWO - Monday nov 14 and Tuesday nov 15

Ineke went back to the University of Toronto to teach a vocal masterclass. Accompanied by a very skilled pianist, Anthony, students of different years sang and improvised. Very diverse subjects came up like choosing the right key for a song, building up an improvisation, how to influence your interpretation by changing your articulation, how to start singing with an open mind, and much more. It is very interesting to see how different schools and universities organize their education and what their student are like. These students were very well educated and, more important, very open minded and curious. Nice!

Walking through Toronto Marc and I ran into the Four Seasons Centre of the Canadian Opera Company. The venue for our next concert!

Finishing the day with having a delicious Italian dinner with Christine Duncan!

On Tuesday we played our last concert in Toronto. The concert was part of the Free Concert Series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, a very populair series and we had a full house!

The theatre is located in the Canadian Opera Company. As it is a glass building the venue looked quite impressive. This time our line-up was slightly different playing with a quartet with Michael Occhipinti on guitar and Søren Nissen on double bass. Due to the fantastic acoustics (and sound man!) we had a great sound, I got to play on a Steinway grand piano, so no complaints!

picture by Karen E Reeves

TOUR WEEK ONE - Saturday nov 12 and sunday nov 13

On Saturday we finally had a day off. Our Canadian friends acquainted us with some typical Canadian activities, starting with a leaf fight in the park and ending with a Nutella pizza with marshmallows and vanilla ice cream!

On Sunday we went back to work again. This time in the Jazzroom in Waterloo, an hour drive from Toronto. It is a wonderful looking jazzclub with many loyal members. Due to their wonderful reception and concentration we had a great concert. And look to the table signs!

TOUR WEEK ONE - Thursday nov 10 and Friday nov 11

In the morning Marc dropped me off at Humber College. Christine Duncan asked me to teach some of her private students. They came up with interesting songs, beautiful recordings and good questions, so I had a nice time with them.

In the end of the afternoon it was time to rest and to get ready for our first club concert in The Rex. We have been playing there several times over the years and it has always been a pleasure! This time we were surprised by a big sign above the door with our names, and by the club owner Tom, who warmly welcomed us back. How wonderful!

Although the Rex is a real bar, the audience was very attentive. Playing with our Toronto colleagues was a joy and there were a lot of exciting moments.

Friday started again with teaching a couple of eager and enthusiastic students, this time at the University of Toronto. They had some good and intelligent questions for me and made me work (in a good way!). After these lessons Marc joined me for a masterclass in the Ken Page Memorial Trust Masterclass series. We played our music, explained how we work and took questions. It was a real honour to be part of this series and a pleasure to be at the University of Toronto.

TOUR WEEK ONE - Tuesday nov 8 and wednesday nov 9

During our preparation we already had to deal with the fact that travelling as a musician is a real art, especially when you are a guitarist and you want to take your instrument on the plane as this has become very difficult on international flights. Marc figured out a solution and with the help of Chris Teerlink of Luthiers gitaren he is now travelling with an incredible great thinline guitar that travels in two pieces: Neck in checked luggage, body in the cabin luggage. Thanks Chris!

We were honoured to start the tour at the residence of the Dutch Consul in Toronto, Mr. Anne van Leeuwen. He organised a welcome party for us where we had the opportunity to present our music and Ineke's book to Canadian colleagues, musicians, teachers, press and presenters. Even though it was the U.S. election day and we were all anxious to know the result, many colleagues showed up, and we had a great start.

Wednesday was a total crazy day with 13 hours of work! It started of with teaching the first year students at Humber College. Lisa Martinelli introduced me to the group that was shy in the beginning, but then joined me in an expressive warming up and challenging improvisation exercises. It ended with teaching a masterclass to two lovely students that were preparing for their friday's concert.

After this Marc and I rushed downstairs to the big (BIG!) auditorium for a quick soundcheck. Just as we were getting into our lunch concert there was a full blackout, all equipment and light turned off and there we were in the dark! Well, even without electricity you can still make music, so when the security light turned on, we went closer to the audience and continued acoustically, singing and clapping with the audience, much fun! However, for security reasons we had to leave the hall. We ended up in a bakery across the street, meeting up with our friend Roberto Occhipinti (Michael's brother), who made us jamming with him over a sandwich. The blackout was quite seriously (10 blocks!) and we couldn't continue the concert. So in the end we removed all our gear off stage with the help of the staff and some Iphone flashlights!

Here you will see a great picture taken just before the blackout by Sanja Antic of Humber College.

Later in the afternoon we had our first rehearsal. Great to play with Michael Occhipinti- guitar, Mark Kelso- drums, Søren Nissen - bass.

When the rehearsal was done I rushed in the car with Michael to go downtown where Christine Duncan had organized a vocal workshop. 21 singers and sound makers, as she calls them, showed up for an evening in which we tried out some voice and movement concepts. As the participants had all quite some experience with this, many of them are a member of Christine's Element Choir, it was a very inspiring workshop.


Dutch Grammy winners singer/pianist Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt explore both improvisation and lyrical songs, creating their own world with their funky arrangements and modern music full of rich harmonies and haunting melodies. Although there are obviously echoes of different styles like jazz, the virtuoso Brazilian choro and the fairytale-like (pop) music of Scandinavia, their music is unmistakably Vandoorn/Van Vugt.

During this tour Ineke Vandoorn will also present the English version of her highly acclaimed book on singing 'Singing From the Inside Out'. The book, labeled as the 'Lonely Planet Guide' for jazz and pop singers. You can find more info on the book and order it at

Ineke and Marc will play as a duo and with 4 different Canadian rhythm sections: Toronto: Michael Occhipinti - guitar, Sören Nissen - bass, Mark Kelso - drums / Ottawa: John Geggie - bass, Michel Delage - drums / Sasketoon: Gent Laird - bass, Arlan Kopp - drums / Vancouver: André Lachance - bass, Jesse Cahill - drums
Dates November 9 Humber College Toronto clinic/concert
November 9 Open vocal workshop by Ineke Vandoorn Toronto (hosted by Christine Duncan)
November 10 The Rex Toronto concert
November 11 University of Toronto clinic
November 13 The Jazz Room Waterloo concert
November 14 University of Toronto workshop
November 15 Canadian Opera Company Toronto, concert
November 16 Hugh's Room Toronto - with Michael Occhipinti Band
November 18 Carleton University Ottawa clinic
November 18 Mercury Lounge Ottawa concert
November 23 Ye Olde Jar Bar Medicine Hat concert
November 24 The Capitol Regina concert
November 26 The Bassment Saskatoon workshop
November 26 The Bassment Saskatoon concert
November 28 Open vocal workshop by Ineke Vandoorn Vancouver (hosted by Kate Hammett- Vaughan)
November 29 Lions Bay House concert
November 30 Capilano University Vancouver lecture/concert
December 1 Frankie's Vancouver concert
December 2 Hermann's Jazz Club Victoria concert

More details on the schedule you will find in our agenda

This tour is realized with the kind support of the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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