2006 Dawn: 3 cd-reviews (eng)

Rinus van der Heyden, Brabants Dagblad,13/10/2006
They will always be a special duo, singer Ineke van Doorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt. More than anybody else, these two are continuously aware of the life threatening consequences of musical stagnation. This has caused their music to develop along the lines of living sounds and has fortunately made their evolution unpredictable. Lyrics form an essential part in the duo’s music and improvisation has conquered a well deserved spot. Sound and lyrics are unified into one solid entity, which is no surprise, considering the fact that Marc writes the music and Ineke puts the words to it. Their newest CD ‘Dawn’ is a major project as the Dutch Metropole Orchestra translates eight of Marc van Vugt's pieces. But let’s get one thing clear: both vocalist and guitarist fill in a prominent role on this beautiful new disc. With 'Dawn' a youth dream has come alive. It goes without saying that this project is as sound as a bell. Ineke van Doorn guides herself singing through the material, yet uses her voice as an autonomous instrument within the music. The richness of the CD is immense. We are kept in suspense where predictability is held at bay. In other words: directors Vince Mendoza and John Clayton and the duo van Vugt/van Doorn are at absolute peak performance.

Gerben van Nazareth, Music Maker, November 2006
For those of you who associate the phenomena of ‘jazz with a symphony orchestra’ with unflattering images of liberal cigar smoking men with middle age corporations, wearing white tuxedos and drinking outdated cocktails, think again: Holland has got the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. For many years now, this combination of big band and symphony orchestra has been a professional, willing and able tasting and play area for musicians and composers from different backgrounds and with different symphonic aspirations. It was back in 2002 when guitarist Marc van Vugt and singer Ineke van Doorn recorded an album, which has now, at last, been published on Timeless Records. Van Vugt’s fantastic, colourful chamber-music-meets-jazz compositions translate really well into big band power and symphonic orchestral timbres. Van Doorn proves a strong singer in funky, sharp pieces such as the bebop-funk theme called I Don’t Know What I’m Heading For. In slower pieces her singing tends to be slightly drawling and I probably wasn’t the only one who could have done without the nasal zuwuduwudazawaza scat vocals in the title piece.

FD, 11-11-2006
The Metropole Orchestra has built up a fine tradition of performing with guest musicians. The Orchestra invites a wide variety of musicians who play their own music with them. Recently this honour fell to the share of guitarist Marc van Vugt and singer Ineke van Doorn. The orchestra is led by its new conductor Vince Mendoza, with the exception of the piece Hyoshi, which is directed by guest conductor John Clayton. The interpretation of van Vugt’s compositions is mostly symphonic but there is adequate liberty for distinctive, colourful escapades to jazz, pop and musical. The beautiful timbre of the orchestra represents a living decor for singer Ineke van Doorn’s eloquent voice.

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