2001 Love is a Golden Glue: 5 reviews (eng)

Frank van Herk, Volkskrant. Jan 2001
The group Vandoorn moves somewhere between songs based on jazz conventions and on abstract improvisation, a combination of structure and freedom in which a great deal of fantasy and flexible technique are demanded. And that is what guitarist Marc van Vugt and singer Ineke van Doorn have plenty of. On this live-recorded cd they present well-known pieces from the standard American and Brazilian repertoire in a sober line-up: voice, acoustic guitar and Eric Vloeimans, trumpet. Such a transparent sound is risky, any wrong move will be noticed. But van Vugt's accompanying musical figures are rock-solid; Vloeimans, as usual, couples emotional depth with power; and van Doorn, in each song, radiates a beautiful creamy timbre and control that puts her in a position to frolic with the other two and within the songs themselves. The more freedom she takes the better it gets, like the caterwauling duet with the growling trumpet in "Gee Baby" or the panting protest against the speeding time in 'Little Niles'.

Jeroen de Valk, Utrechts Nieuwsblad 27-1-2001
Trumpet player Eric Vloeimans is a charmer who can only be resisted by someone with a heart of stone. Listen to his playing in Vandoorn, a trio with the singer Ineke van Doorn and the guitarist Marc van Vugt. The minimum line-up gives the trumpet player all the necessary room to show his complete range, from the jubilant tones in the high registers to the very soft Chet Baker whispers in the low tones. Especially his intimate ballads will dampen any resistance to what one hears- insofar this is still there. This is pure trumpet poetry. This trumpet player, from Rotterdam, and his fellow musicians, from Houten, can be heard on the super magistral CD 'Love Is A Golden Glue'. This is the first Vandoorn recording using the trio format, and also the first to be devoted to jazz classics. Standards like 'Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You' and 'Nature Boy' have never sounded like this before and will never sound like this again. The interpretation range from heart-rending ballads to pure sound production, with toneless sighs from the trumpet player and hoarse shrieks from the vocalist. This is pure improvisation, at the edge, at its sharpest. Ineke van Doorn with a superb technical skill that can't be found just anywhere, is a rarity. In any idiom she sings she sounds believable and rich without the old fashioned 'shoobeedoobee'-nish. On the one hand, the guitarist is an obliging accompanist and, on the other, a one-man rhythmsection. The CD was largely recorded live in the SJU Jazzpodium where the trio will also play today, but with the altosax player Paul van Kemenade, instead of Vloeimans, also someone who's got what it takes for the highly demanding line-up.

Rinus van der Heijden, Brabants Dagblad 2-2-2001
Vandoorn consists of the core Ineke van Doorn, singer, and Marc van Vugt, guitar. The duo selects different musicians for different programming. Eric Vloeimans was the choice for the latest CD 'Love Is A Golden Glue'. Vloeimans, the leading trumpet player in The Netherlands, cares especially about atmospere and here gets into intimate duets with the voice and the guitar. The principle part remains reserved for Ineke van Doorn, who has emerged as one of the leading jazz singers in the country. In "Gee Baby", by Dewey Redman, the trio incorporates the entire jazz history with swing, improvisation and honor for the tradition. 'Nature Boy' (Coltrane, Nat King Cole) and "Peace" by Horace Silver get surprising interpretations. The result is a series of ever-exciting musical architectures, never boring.

Sjoerd van Aelst, Jazz Nu winter 2000 ****
Three musicians in an equal role. The trio consists of a voice, a guitar, and a trumpet, and the musicians are Ineke van Doorn, Marc van Vugt and Eric Vloeimans. With this scanty line-up the music on this CD is an intimate experience. The recording is made up of live recordings from appearances in Middelburg and Utrecht. The interactions between the musicians are intense and concentrated. For the most part, the repertoire consists of the standard repertoire, but the performance is anything but standard. Marc van Vugt and Ineke van Doorn are the core of Vandoorn. The combined playing of the trio is perfect. Eric Vloeimans darts through and around this playing with fine and beautiful interventions, while exploring the limits of his instrument. Ineke's singing is direct and personal. Her timbre is confrontational, and one has to like that! The CD 'Love Is A Golden Glue' is not a non-descript something. Either you like it or it'll set your teeth on edge. Of this CD no one will casually say, 'Oh well, a nice CD'.

Ton Ouwehand, Tubantia, 26-1-2001
The Vandoorn group always consists of the singer Ineke van Doorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt. Often drummer Hans Verdoorn and bass player Tony Overwater are also a part of the group. But this time Vandoorn is a trio in which the singer and guitarist are assisted by the trumpet player Eric Vloeimans. A very fruitful co÷poration. From the very first measures it is clear that there is much more than a singer with accompaniment. Vandoorn is a fantastic threesome, musicians who aim to form as close a unit as possible so that one can actually hear that they have inspired each other. Swing, wonderful timing, tasteful mixing, in which more resonance is added then one usually finds in the jazz world. Vandoorn will be playing tonight in the jazz podium 'De Tor' in Enschede without Vloeimans. The guest musician will be alto saxophonist Paul van Kemenade. This tour will also lead to a CD, something we can all look forward to.

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