2007 Ineke van Doorn/Jeroen van Vliet: Low Tide (eng)

'A voice like a viola'

Frank van Herk, Volkskrant , march 07
Ineke van Doorn is one of the most talented, and definitely most interesting jazz vocalists in Holland. She performs in English and sometimes sings an American repertoire; however, this singer doesn�t quite fit the description of the ever growing category of female singers who are known for repeating imperishable standards from well-known divas. On this intimate 2000 duo recording, which was only recently recorded on CD, van Doorn sings mainly compositions from jazz musicians like Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Philip Catherine and Dave Holland, often using her own lyrics. The lyrics for the title piece were born before Kenny Wheeler arranged the music. She tackles some difficult intervals with no tangible effort. Her timbre and phrasing resemble the sounds of a viola. Short, compact pieces are mostly brought to us in ballad tempo; even �Robin�s nest� is a slower version of the old original swing song. All subtleties are therefore well considered, fitting the scene of the poetic words and sensitive piano part of Jeroen van Vliet.

Frank Huser, Jazzflits 5e jrg. Nr. 4 (feb. 2007)
Imagine a panoramic and spacious scene. Two dancers enter the unspoilt flat surface of the beach, which was carefully laid down by the withdrawing ocean. Low tide is a timely matter, a moment or two in which everything comes to a standstill. Just a little longer to savour the shyness of the softly murmuring breakers, a thin horizon and lingering sunrays that part the clouds of an overcast sky; just a little longer until the sea will plough up the footprints once again. Amid the serenity of this essence and its subdued force, twelve miniatures are born. There are duets, sometimes man-to-man, then again masters of timid explorations. �Low Tide� is the result of a rendezvous between vocalist Ineke van Doorn and pianist Jeroen van Vliet. Compositions include pieces from Dave Holland, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Philippe Catherine and van Vliet, and lyrics were written by Ineke van Doorn. Kenny Wheeler wrote the title song working from van Doorn\'s lyrics. Combined vocals and play of the talented duo are characterised by modesty, passion and an extraordinary lyrical energy. Text, vocals and piano meet in the perfect harmony of musical pieces, representing passion and persuasion. Van Doorn�s singing is enchanting; her ever pleasant voice feels warm and intimate. Van Vliet�s performance is on the one hand light as a feather and reserved where modesty is appropriate and on the other hand clear with cheerful chords when an emphasised intonation is required. Vocals and piano are consequently integrated in an impressive manner. The �Low Tide� album is of exceptional high standard and keeps our attention throughout.

Gerben van Nazareth, Musicmaker, nr 2, 2007
Does jazz singer Ineke van Doorn love the excessive? Last time we discussed one of her CD�s in Musicmaker was concerning a production with the Metropole Orchestra. Low Tide is a duo album van Doorn recorded with pianist Jeroen van Vliet. A considerable part of the repertoire consists of less obvious, relatively modern instrumental jazz compositions from musicians such as Dave Holland, Chick Corea, Philippe Catherine and Miles Davis. What�s more, Kenny Wheeler wrote a melody to accompany van Doorn�s lyrics to Low Tide. When lyrics are put to originally instrumental pieces, the result is often artificial and feigned, which leaves nothing but a fake impression. Not in this case; van Doorn and van Vliet have succeeded in bringing forth a living and breathing very own production. Both musicians are strong story tellers; van Doorn knows how to intrigue the audience to listen to every single word in the song and van Vliet plays a sparkling, polished yet exciting part. Low Tide represents a beautiful collection of miniatures in an intimate, chamber music like jazz setting.

Maarten van de Ven, Draaiomjeoren, 25 dec 06
A booming surprise. This best describes the recordings singer/voice artist Ineke van Doorn and pianist Jeroen van Vliet produced back in 2000, and that have now been published by Timeless Records under the title of \'Low Tide\'. What used to be a rather spontaneous cooperation has become an ever more recurring event throughout the years. Quite rightly too, because both have experience playing classical piano repertoires, which has paid off here as a magical jazz recital consisting of mainly intimate music, injected with some energetic velocity. Blessed with a mysterious voice and supple vocal elasticity van Doorn simply impresses. Van Vliet and his sensitive yet passionate key manners is her perfect sparring partner. The duos repertoire consists of old forgotten jazz songs; pieces from Chick Corea and Miles Davis, more recent work from amongst others van Vliet, Philippe Catherine and Dave Holland, but also pop singer Janis Ian�s \'Love Is Blind\'. The lyrics of the repertoire were partially written by van Doorn and Kenny Wheeler wrote the music to her song \'Low Tide\'.

Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo, 24-jan-07
It all started a little over six years ago: a music pact was formed between singer Ineke van Doorn and pianist Jeroen van Vliet. They simply got together and started making music in an intimate ambiance, without having any plans whatsoever of recording this music at any point.
Nonetheless this did happen and the music has actually been recorded on their CD �Low tide�. Just as well. To quote Ineke van Doorn�s words on the CD cover booklet: �This is a jazz recital, a musical expression that�s quite rare�. Not only is jazz from the forties, sixties and seventies are reused, there is some more modern work and a few forgotten pieces from amongst others Kenny Wheeler, Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Corea, but also Miles Davis and Jeroen van Vliet and Ineke van Doorn personally. Van Doorn also wrote the lyrics to some of the pieces.

The result? Intense vocal jazz wrapped up in captivating piano notes. Music that makes you want to sit back and relax yet forces you to listen. The lyrics are important as always for Ineke van Doorn. And concerning Jeroen van Vliet: his imaginative and inquisitive style impressed us right from the beginning. In order to reach the above conclusions it is important to place the music back in time. For in the six years that have passed since, both Ineke van Doorn and Jeroen van Vliet have evolved positively. If one was to judge �Low tide� based on the qualities of both musicians today, the final conclusion would have been slightly different as Jeroen van Vliet�s play has developed width wise and Ineke van Doorn�s voice has become a lot more expressive and flexible.

Coen de Jonge, Jazzism, summer 2007
Pianist Jeroen van Vliet and vocalist Ineke van Doorn started their collaboration out of fun. As both had been very busy doing their own thing, little planning went into these recordings. And that doesn�t necessarily need to be a problem given the fact they�d many times played together for fun. The selection of recital was based on pieces that had mainly proven their value through an instrumental version. Some of the lyrics were written by Ineke van Doorn and others were already existent, such as Henny Vonk�s words to Miles Davis� \'Circle� and Ella Fitzgerald�s to �Robin�s Nest�. To be perfectly honest, the latter, a slow swinging performance, leaves the other pieces far behind. This is caused by the fact that, no matter how interesting the harmonic challenge or structure, some jazz compositions just aren�t suitable to be presented as a vocal version. A song needs a hook and for the melodic line to be distracted by words seems out of place. Too bad that this was the case in a great deal of the pieces.

NTB site, 2007
Singer Ineke van Doorn and pianist Jeroen van Vliet share the same roots of playing a classical piano repertoire. They have both proven themselves to be true jazz musicians. They describe the music on this album as a jazz recital of lively yet intimate music. Old and forgotten jazz songs are revitalised, but also pieces of Chick Corea, Miles Davis and more recent work from Jeroen van Vliet himself, Kenny Wheeler, Philippe Catherine and Dave Holland are used and reused. Ineke van Doorn�s flawless and inspired voice is professionally and tastefully accompanied by Jeroen van Vliet. Their interaction is unfailing; skill is the basis of an intertwining series of miniatures, with enough room for auditors to realise their own experience. Exquisite.

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