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Ineke van Doorn - vocals, Jeroen van Vliet - piano


Singer Ineke Vandoorn and pianist Jeroen van Vliet have common roots as they both studied the classical piano literature when they were teenagers. Now that they have both earned their credits in jazz and improvised music, it's not surprising that their collaboration has developed into something which can be best described as a 'jazz recital', with lively and intimate music full of hidden passion. They dug first into old, forgotten jazz songs from the fourties, music from the sixties and seventies by Chick Corea and Miles Davis and more recent compositions by a.o. Jeroen, Kenny Wheeler, Dave Holland and Philippe Catherine. Ineke wrote lyrics to some of the music and Kenny Wheeler set her lyrics of 'Low Tide' to music. They concentrated each song into a compact form, distilling them into a series of miniatures.

Their collaboration began as a strictly private affair, just for their own enjoyment. Even the recordings were made just for fun, with no advance planning, since they were both too busy with other projects. These tracks were recorded at the very beginning of their duo adventure, when they both brought in music which all happened to be of a rather quiet character. Since then, they have occasionally emerged from behind closed doors to perform as a duo, adding to this set of music some contrasting, free, pieces. With this CD however, they would like to invite you back into their private room and to enjoy the music!


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