(what about) Words

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Disc 1
�01 The Secret of the Machines 7.00
�02 What about Words* 7.40
�03 Ubuntu* 7.37
�04 I am* 5.18
�05 Breathing 2.15
�06 President for Life 5.48
�07 Blues for a Voice 6.41

Disc 2
�08 Get 2 it 6.56
�09 Circus above 9.57
�10 It is not 7.14
11 In my Arms (I hold you)* 7.38
�12 Athis 10.56
�13 And then you only feel the Pain* 2.48
�14 Back to the Market Square 6.36

All compositions by Marc van Vugt except (10) by Ineke Vandoorn (arrangement by Marc van Vugt) and (8) by Robin Eubanks. All Lyrics by Ineke Vandoorn except (8), and (1) free interpretation of The Secret of the Machines by R. Kipling.
* Part of the Ubuntu-suite (2005 - )


Over the years we recorded a lot of material during our concert tours. We never had the chance to release them and so they slowly turned into �what about WORDS�, Marc van Vugt & Ineke Vandoorn - Collectables two and three. Please enjoy!
Marc & Ineke

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Line up

Marc van Vugt - electric guitar, slide guitar, acoustic baritone guitar
Ineke Vandoorn - voice, live-electronics, piano (all except 9,11,13)
Paul van Kemenade - alto sax (all except 14)
Robin Eubanks (USA) - trombone (8,10,12)
Mario Pavone (USA) - double bass (9,11,13)
Michael Sarin (USA) - drums (9,11,13)
Sander van Herk - electric guitar (10)

Big Bizar Habit: Angelo Verploegen - trumpet (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), Toon de Gouw - trumpet (8,10,12), Paul van Kemenade - alto sax (all except 14), Jasper Blom - tenor sax (8,10,12), Louk Boudesteijn - trombone (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), Joost Buis - trombone (8,10,12), Herman van Haaren - violin (2,3,4,6,7), Mary Oliver - viola/violin (1,5), Lorre Trytten - violin (8,10,12), Jasper Le Clercq - violin (8,10,12), Arjen de Graaf - viola (8,10,12), Baptist Kurvers - viola (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), Ro Krauss - viola (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), Annie Tangberg (N) - violoncello (all except 9,11,13,14), Joost Lijbaart - drums (all except 9,11,13,14), Paul Berner - double bass (all except 9,11,13,14).

Nederlands Kamerkoor (14) Soprano: Caroline de Jongh, Heleen Koele, Annet Lans, 
Tannie Willemstijn - Alto: Marleene Goldstein, Myra Kroese, 
Karin van der Poel, Nine van Strien - Tenor: Stefan Berghammer, Alberto ter Doest, Joost van der Linden, Albert van Ommen - Bass: David Barick, 
Peter Dijkstra, 
Kees Jan de Koning, Gilad Nezer, 
Jasper Schweppe


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