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Het Metropole Orkest conducted by Vince Mendoza and John Clayton
Ineke Vandoorn - vocals/lyrics
Marc van Vugt - guitars/composition/arrangements


Dutch singer/lyricists Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt term themselves as 'lyrical singer-songwriters to whom improvisation is of paramount importance '. Although they present them self as jazz musicians, listeners with an ear for them will pick out important influences, such as Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Betty Carter, Bill Frisell, Gil Evans or Brazilian music. The international press has called their music adventurous, while their concerts have been described as exciting.

About the Metropole Orkest

The Metropole Orkest is a true phenomena in jazz for more than half a century. The orchestra is acclaimed for its large-scale television productions in The Netherlands and abroad and its collaboration with big stars. Besides jazz, they play musical, film, pop, cabaret and contemporary music like no other orchestra in the world. Since last year, Vince Mendoza is their chef conductor.



' klankrijkdom van de cd is enorm, er is volop spanning, voorspelbaarheid ver weg...Vince Mendoza en John Clayton met Van Vugt /Vandoorn zijn hier top,.. de songs zijn interessant..Van zachtglooiende ballads tot ruig onontgonnen gebied met verassend ongewone arrangementen. Intiem zowel als uitbundig, vooral rijkgeschakeerd. Het resultaat is verbluffend... een juweeltje.'
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