cd: The Vandoesburg Suite

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Marc van Vugt's big Bizar Habit

Marc van Vugt guitars - Ineke van Doorn vocals/piano - Bert Lochs trumpet - Jasper Blom sax/clarinet - Joost Buis trombone - Lorre Lynn Trytten violin - Jeffrey Bruinsma violin - Roderick Kraus viola - Annie Tangberg cello - Paul Berner double bass - Joost Lijbaart drums


Marc van Vugt and Ineke van Doorn were invited to work for two years from the Van Doesburghuis in Parijs, the former studio of Theo van Doesburg, founder of the 'De Stijl' movement. Inspired by 'life in Paris' and the history of this special place and its former inhabitants, Van Vugt wrote 'Different Shades Of Gray'.


Jan Rensen, journalist
‘The broad and sometimes unusual harmonic inventions evoke a panoramic atmosphere in which intimate, poetic stories are told - almost literally, by Ineke van Doorn, and figuratively by improvised solo’s, or composed built-in miniatures. While the vaudeville atmosphere remains recognizable, the jazz element is slightly more emphasized and there’s even room for some solid rock and roll. Mostly the music sounds attractively mysterious, a little wayward but never rejecting, at times even seductive.’

Rinus van der Heijden, jounalist, jan 05

'The composer has succeeded to transfer the suite to the first half of the last century, when Van Doesburg was still alive.The music is dreamy, with an impressionistic character, open to a per- sonal experience. The forms, which were so important to Van Doesburg, turn into impressive, orchestral music with Marc van Vugt and Ineke van Doorn, who wrote the lyrics. The composer had a superb eye for details with which he catches the total atmosphere of his stay in Paris in each of the eleven pieces.'
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