Finally after a long, long lockdown we start our concerts again. This Summer we will do a new series of Marc Meets Playground concerts. These concerts feature trumpetplayer Eric Vloeimans and singer Ineke Vandoorn, our new quartet with drummer Michael Vatcher and bassist Gulli Gudmundson and a double duo evening with recored player Saskia Coolen […]

What a review from Russia! It is special when someone really takes the time to dig into your music and career. Thank you Leonid Auskern! In case your Russian is a bit rusty you can read the english verison below (long read). “With the Dutch duo, which at that time was called Vandoorn, “Jazz-Square”, then […]

has just been released. Eleven tracks that were live recorded during two 5 weeks tours across Canada. Both in 2016 and 2018 we toured across Canada for 5 weeks, traveling from east to west through the wide Canadian Prairies and over the Rocky Mountains. Having grown up in a tiny country like the Netherlands it […]